It’s a pleasure to be working with great horse folks!  Here is what they have to say about Alabama Horse Talk:

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to talk about my passion.  I was honored that you thought enough to ask me.”

~ Andy Blevins, Trainer, Andy Blevins Performance Horses

“Thank you for such a great interview. You were so friendly and easy to talk to. I know we only talked over the phone, but I felt I could really get a sense of your personality!”

~ Paige Duke, Spokesperson for RIDE TV

“Rebecca, I have never been treated so professionally during an interview. You really took the time to get to know me as an artist and a person before the interview.The focus was on my music and the craft of writing, and you fitted our discussion to the interests and needs of your audience without losing sight of our conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, and feel respected as an artist and writer whose work you believe has value to your community. I’m thrilled you chose to introduce me to them! Thank you!”

~ Nancy Elliott, Nancy Elliott Music/Katy’s Cache/The Heart of It All, Casa Grande, AZ

“Thank you, Becca Salamone, for the interview and for your support of my art, business, and other equine businesses in Alabama. Alabama Horse Talk is such a valuable resource for our equine community. You have really helped spread the word, not only for my work, but for other equine related businesses. Thanks for helping us all get connected!”

~ Mary Katherine Morris, Mary Katherine Morris Photography, Birmingham, AL

“Thank you for all of your help last night! Our meeting was a huge success, and we have gotten dozens of compliments, and it’s all thanks to what you do for us! Looking forward to many more!”

~ Jamie Griffin, MidState Farmers Cooperative, Columbiana, AL

“Becca, I very much appreciated your professionalism when you interviewed me for the Alabama Horse Talk radio show. You do a very nice job of interviewing and are very organized in your approach. Thank you so much.”

~ Dr. Harry Anderson, Total Feeds

“Becca, I thought the interview turned out to be excellent. You did a super job.  Again, thanks for a super presentation.”

~Bill Dinan, Past President, Outback Trail Riders

“Rebecca Salamone & her Alabama Horse Talk show are top notch!! I’m honored & proud to know her & call her friend…we LOVE the AHT herd!!”

~ Templeton Thompson, Country Singer/Songwriter

“I want to thank Becca Salamone and the people at Alabama Horse Talk for what they are doing for the equine industry, not only in the state of Alabama, but also surrounding states, through the radio show and their daily Blog posts. They are bringing the industry together and sharing information about events, clinics, instructors, and equine services that otherwise would go unnoticed. I, personally, am very appreciative of every effort Alabama Horse Talk is making to help the industry become a better place for family involvement.”

~Jim Swanner, Natural Horseman Clinician, Host of ‘All About Horses’ radio, owner of K-I-N Stables in Athens, AL

“Thank you so much for your interest and support of our program.  The interview turned out great!  You are doing a great service not just for Alabama but all horse lovers.  Keep up the good work and stay in touch.”

~Dennis Reis, Dennis Reis Universal Horsemanship

“. . .Watch this great interview with Bill Dinan on Alabama Horse Talk.  We send many thanks to Becca Salamone who does an outstanding job with her website, AlabamaHorseTalk.com, promoting the horse industry. . . Becca, You do a wonderful service to us all, and we appreciate it very much, you certainly earn any and all accolades given to you.  Thanks for all you do.”

~ Jan Lay, Secretary of Outback Trail Riders

“I would like to thank Becca Salamone and Alabama Horse Talk for interviewing me.  It is GREATLY appreciated.”

~Barry Brown, Author of The Bionic Bullrider

“Succeeding in the horse world is about having a good attitude, working hard, and always seeking more horse knowledge! Alabama Horse Talk works hard with a positive, friendly attitude to provide all of us with equine articles and interviews, a calendar of horse events, and even a chance to advertise on their website! I love that Alabama Horse Talk is here to help us all succeed! Thank you so much, Becca, for all you do for us horse people! Also I have much appreciation for the interview and the article that you wrote about me, MCH, and the CCLC! I love what we all are doing for horses and our communities! I hope that horse businesses will continue to grow even in hard times! Good Blessings and Good Energy to all of you at Alabama Horse Talk and in the Horse Community!!! May we all reach our highest horse dreams!!! :) :) :)”

~Chanoah Warren, MC Horsemanship

“I would like to thank Becca and Alabama Horse Talk for the opportunity to explain all the benefits of cross training with a Garrocha on your Radio Show. Becca really makes the interview easy, because her passion for horses really comes out when she is asking questions. Thank You!”

~Karen Weaver, GarrochaUSA

“Glad to have all this in my own backyard!” (lives in same town)

~ Amanda Smith, Amanda’s Painted Ponies

“Good questions!” (referring to the Alabama Horse Talk Radio interview)

~ Julie Goodnight, HorseMaster with Julie Goodnight

“Yes…I do live in Cody, WY….and I listen to ‘little ole you’…beautiful country up here…..I have enjoyed listening to your shows since first listening to a Julie Goodnight interview. I listen to your program while I am at work…helps to pass the cold, snowy days…and I am learning things that I can implement when spring finally arrives. You do a great job with sharing information and entertaining the masses as well. Thanks for the great programming! I have also been enjoying your Facebook postings… Keep up the good work!”

~Sharon Osborne, Listener from Wyoming

“Thank you for the interview and helping to get the word out to Alabama Horse enthusiasts about Starlight Stables and all that we offer. I enjoyed chatting with you and telling you about my business. We are fortunate to have a woman like you to help connect horse lovers in Alabama. You do a wonderful job of making the interview fun and enjoyable. I love listening to your interviews whenever I have some spare time. Thank you again for what you do.”

~Toni Christopher, Starlight Stables/Toni’s Ponies

“Thank you, Alabama Horse Talk and Becca Salamone for featuring me as a guest blogger on equine art! So excited and grateful for the opportunity to contribute! All of my equestrian friends should definitely make sure to follow Alabama Horse Talk and subscribe to the radio show. It is truly a wonderful resource for the equine community in the state of Alabama!”

~Mary Katherine Morris, Mary Katherine Morris Photography

“This morning I had a chance to meet with Rebecca Crow Salamone with Alabama Horse Talk! What a wonderful woman, and I am so honored that she asked me to be on her radio show! Check out her facebook page and also her website!”

~Shannon Schraufnagel, Horse Trails and Camping Across America

“I am BLESSED! No meeting between two people is ever a coincidence…there is always a reason. I am so thankful to have met Rebecca Crow Salamone and to have become associated with Alabama Horse Talk! Rebecca interviewed me for Alabama Horse Talk Radio. I feel so blessed that I was able to share my story (and The Horse Mafia’s story) with Rebecca and the Alabama horse enthusiast community. I’d be so appreciative if you’d give a listen to my interview with Alabama Horse Talk Radio. It gives you a little insight into my upbringing with horses and how I hope to make The Horse Mafia all I have dreamed it to be! I’d also be appreciative if you’d ride over and give Alabama Horse Talk a “like”. You’ll be glad you did! BE BLESSED!”

~Charity Bentley, The Horse Mafia

Becca was great to work with, and I greatly appreciate her contacting me and giving our club the opportunity to promote our activities and events. I had not heard about Alabama Horse Talk previously, and will definitely be tuning in from now on!”

~Lydia Gove, Alabama POA Club

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