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Alabama Horse Talk had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Harry Anderson about equine nutrition and the products he has developed through Total Feeds:

Alabama Horse Talk:  Can you tell me about your history with horses and what exactly your role is in the horse world? Dr. Harry Anderson

Dr. Harry Anderson
Founder, Total Feeds

Dr. Harry Anderson:  I grew up with horses in early childhood and learned to ride and drive draft horses at a very young age.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What inspired you to get involved in feeds and nutrition?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  Love of animals and a passion for making them healthy and productive. I have owned or worked with animals my entire life.

Alabama Horse Talk:  How long has your Total Equine product been in existence, and how did it first get developed?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  In the pelleted form for 16 years, but only 6 years in the extruded form. It started at the request of a person who asked me if I could formulate a product that would provide the proper nutrition for all ages and activity levels of horses in one product.

Alabama Horse Talk:  Why is good equine nutrition important?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  A well balanced nutritional program is the key to health, reproduction and performance. Without sound nutrition all of the other aspects of these are compromised.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What is the best thing to you about your product, Total Equine?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  It is saving so many horses from being put down due to many formerly considered terminal problems, and it is helping horses live longer and more pleasurable lives.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What would you say are the 3 key elements for a successful feeding program for horse owners?

Dr. Harry Anderson:

  1. Know the value and quality of the hay and pasture.
  2. Use a product that is highly digestible and free of raw and poorly processed starchy ingredients.
  3. Insure the supplemental program contains all of the essential nutrients required by a horse.

Alabama Horse Talk:  How do you use technology and social media in your business?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  Television is number one!  I also use Facebook and Youtube.

Alabama Horse Talk:  Do different horse breeds have different nutritional requirements?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  Only more or less of each nutrient, but all the same inside.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What have you learned about horses, and what have you learned about horse people over the years?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  All horses and horse owners have the same basic nutritional needs.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What is your best advice for families just starting out with horses?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  Learn the care requirements and costs before getting the first horse.  Get professional assistance in selecting a horse.  Work with a professional in each discipline when developing skills.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What is your greatest achievement to date in the horse world?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  Respect of horse owners as caring for their horse before sales volume and profits.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What are some suggestions you have for Alabama Horse Talk fans and someone wanting to start out with a simple but sound equine feeding program?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  Work with a professional and seek a complete, balanced program and do not try to make a program with numerous supplements.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What does this year have in store for you and your business?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  Continuous growth due to success in thinking of the horse first.

Alabama Horse Talk:  What is the “take home message” you want to get across to horse people?

Dr. Harry Anderson:  Make sure you are covering all of the critical bases in your management program:

  • Health care with your veterinarian
  • Dental care
  • Hoof care
  • Parasite control
  • Simple nutritional program

Alabama Horse Talk:  How can folks contact you? 

Dr. Harry Anderson:  My website is:  Folks can call me at (620) 272-1065 or email me at  And people can find us on Facebook at Total Equine or


Many thanks to Dr. Harry Anderson for taking time to share his knowledge on equine nutrition with Alabama Horse Talk!

Question:  Isn’t it reassuring to have the advice of experts when designing your equine nutrition program?

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