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Remember, when adding events to the Alabama Horse Talk Regional Equine Event Calendar:

  • To use our self-load event form located on the AHT Calendar page.  Click the big red button to access the self-load form.
  • To send all of the pertinent information:
    • Who? – What group, organization or individual is putting the event on?
    • What? – What is the title of the event?
    • When? – Starting and ending dates?  Starting and ending times for each day of the event?
    • Where? – City and state?  Arena and Directions?  Address?
    • Why? – Is it a show, trail ride, rodeo, benefit?  Is it an educational clinic?  Entertainment?
    • How? – Contact person, phone, email?  Website?  Ticket webpage (URL)?
    • Details? – Any extra information that folks need to know about the event?
  • To include a URL where folks can buy tickets if you have one.  Facebook now has the capability to include that link.  If you don’t have a Ticket page URL, and you are selling tickets, remember to include information on ticket price and how to purchase them.
  • To send your event information in as early as possible to give folks plenty of time to plan to attend your event, as well as enough time for it to be entered on the calendar before your event occurs.  Two weeks lead time is appreciated, but the sooner, the better.
  • To send your information to if you experience problems with the self-load form (click big red button on our Calendar page to access the self-load form).  Also send the problem you are experiencing, so we can fix it!

Alabama Horse Talk’s goal is to empower equine enthusiasts by providing horse resources and by amplifying Alabama’s horse community, highlighting family friendly, equine-related activities, events, businesses, and personalities.

Let us help you get YOUR word out about your equine events!

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