Alabama Horse Talk Transitions to Southern Horse Talk

Hey, horse friends, we are so excited to announce that the new Southern Horse Talk website is coming to life!  As we bloom and grow, we invite you to join us on our website development journey.

Just recently, we added the ability for our Southern horse friends to add their equine events themselves to the Southern Horse Talk Equine Events Calendar.  Horse folks can not only add their events, they can view their list of events to either edit or delete them. This gives great control to our horse friends to help them get the word out about their equine events across the South.


We also invite all our Southern horse friends to join the Southern Horse Talk Facebook GROUP to help us share and promote our Southern equine lifestyle.  Please join the conversation there, introduce yourself, tell us what you do with horses, add your events, your pics, your videos, and of course, tell us your horse stories.  We want to know all about your fellow horse lovers from Texas up to Virginia! Southern Horse Talk Facebook GROUP

Follow us on Twitter, Instragram, Google +, and subscribe to the Southern Horse Talk YouTube channel for video updates and episodes.

Thanks for your support of Alabama Horse Talk over the years and for your support as we transition to Southern Horse Talk and cover the horses, horse people, and equine businesses and organizations that make up our Southern horse world! Becca Signature

About Becca Salamone

Becca Salamone, a life-long lover of horses, is the founder of Alabama Horse Talk, amplifying equine opportunities and conversations in Alabama. Becca is the mom of two and wife of Frank and known throughout Alabama as the Voice of Alabama Horse Talk Radio.

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